PTO Dollars at Work

Here we would like to show you how all your hard work in fundraising and donating help out the school.  These are just a few of the items we are implementing.  Please join us for meetings to hear all presentation on big projects, voice your opinion, ask questions and take part in the vote.

Here is our new benches at Door 1.  The old benches are peeling looking worn down.  We presented this option:  recycled plastic, color is an actual dye used in production, maintenance free, guaranteed unbreakable for 50 years.  This was voted in as a Yes.  

Flexible Seating

Flexible seating is a project presented by Ms. Pietrzak.  Please check the file to learn a little more about what flexible seating is.  Our Occupational Therapist has worked with these items.  Students have shown great benefit from using such things.  The School, as well as teachers have purchased items for the classrooms. The request to the PTO was to fund some more items to be widely used across all classrooms.  Bringing Manning into the future of classrooms and investing in the children's needs. The project was brought to a vote with a yes. Please ask your children how these items work for their class. Items will begin showing up slowly through the rest of this year.

Update: The classrooms have their seating and are greatly enjoying them.